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About Us

About UsMy name is Jaison Curtis. I have been building websites since 1997.

Over these past 24 years I have made thousands of web pages for charities, small businesses and large organisations.

One such organisation has been a client since I first started. They have tried three different developers over the years but have always come back to me, within months, each time. I feel that shows I offer a quality service that is impossible to beat, anywhere!

I work proficiently and don't believe in keeping my clients waiting. For new clients I can usually complete my assigned work within 48 hours. For regular clients my work is normally completed immediately (as in minutes!) Urgent jobs always get completed speedily. Whether you be new or regular you can always count on a swift resolution.

I also own a wholesale electronics business ( My experience with online selling also goes back to 1997. In those distant days there were very few electronic websites, mine was among the first to appear.

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